BIG4 Park Perks

Late Checkout

If future bookings permit, you can request to stay longer in the park at no extra charge* this perk is usable at the desk or over the phone prior to arrival. The time permitted is limited to a few extra hours of stay, not nights.

Free Pushcart Hire

Our second park perk allows guests to book the use of push cart hire for free, as long as they are free to use at the time of booking. This is limited to one use only per stay.

Site Selection

The third park perk gives people the ability to choose their site upon booking, so long as we don’t have a previous booking on that site or someone isn’t already on it, you can choose it.

As park of our new BIG4 Park Perks program, we are introducing park specific perks that everyone can enjoy and benefit from. These perks are unique to each park and offer some form of luxury or added options for the guest to choose from and use when they are available. You are free to choose one of the following perks for use during your visit.